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CSIRO Background

Research Organisation (CSIRO) is an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research. Its chief role is to improve the economic and social performance of industry for the benefit of the community.

CSIRO works with leading organisations around the world. From its headquarters in Canberra, CSIRO maintains more than 50 sites across Australia and in France, Chile and the United States, employing about 5500 people.Notable developments by CSIRO have included the invention of atomic absorption spectroscopy, essential components of Wi-Fi technology, development of the first commercially successful polymer banknote, the invention of the insect repellent in Aerogard and the introduction of a series of biological controls into Australia, such as the introduction of myxomatosis and rabbit calicivirus for the control of rabbit populations.




Project Background

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has adopted BeeGFS file system for their 2PB all NVMe storage in Australia, making it one of the largest NVMe storage systems in the world. The storage hardware consists of 32 x Dell PowerEdge R740XD with 24 x 3.2TB NVMe per server. Using NVMe storage with the BeeGFS filesystem will remove their I/O bottleneck and provide better performance for projects such as “de-novo genomic sequence alignment and medical imaging analysis.”

The science and research organisation has signed a five-year deal with Dell-EMC and Pacific Teck valued at just over $3 million for the replacement filesystem used to store temporary or working data.

The new filesystem will be shared across all of the CSIRO’s in-house supercomputers, including the Pearcey supercomputer, which is also undergoing an upgrade of its own, and the new $4 million Dell-built Bracewell supercomputer.

An news article on this project can be found here:

Metadata: Dell PowerEdge R740XD​

Storage: Dell PowerEdge R740XD


Pacific Teck’s Role

Pacific Teck worked together with Dell to design their proposal to CSIRO as part of a joint pre-sales engagement. Our engineers worked as the first point of contact for the customer as they installed and optimized BeeGFS. Pacific Teck also acts as a bridge to ThinkParQ developers to help solve more complex issues.



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