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Pacific Teck products ranked in TOP500 2021 Jun

@ISC a new TOP500 list was released with the latest rankings of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

We are very proud that Pacific Teck is providing technology that is used in world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku, and that our software is used in 7 of the TOP500 top-ranked sites.

Japan’s Fugaku, developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, achieved the top spot for the third consecutive time. Congratulations to the Riken team! For the Fugaku system, Pacific Teck is providing SingularityPRO, iRODS and ARM DDT.

ABCI 2.0 of AIST also reached the 12th spot. We are providing Altair Grid Engine, Singularity Enterprise, and BeeGFS to AIST for ABCI 2.0.Pacific Teck provides technology to the following sites ranked in the TOP500:

1st: Fugaku / RIKEN (iRODS, SingularityPRO, ARM DDT)

12th: ABCI2.0 / AIST (Altair Grid Engine, Singularity Enterprise, BeeGFS)

45th: Taiwania 2 / NCHC (Taiwan National High Performance Computing Center) (part of the system running Altair Grid Engine, SingularityPRO)

50th: TSUBAME3.0 / University of Tokyo (Tokyo Institute of Technology) (Altair Grid Engine, BeeGFS)

85th: Flow TypeⅡ / Nagoya University (BeeGFS, NVMesh)

97th: Oakbridge-CX / University of Tokyo (BeeGFS)

367th: AFI-NITY / Tohoku University (Altair Grid Engine)

In addition, Pacific Teck also provides S3 cloud storage (RSTOR), cluster management (Bright Computing) and on premise S3 object storage (Swarm). We are providing iRODS and RSTOR‘s S3 cloud service to provide solutions that enable data movement to low-cost cloud data storage hosted by RSTOR and other cloud service providers (OCI, AWS etc.). If you are interested in any of our solutions, please feel free to contact us.