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Pacific Teck’s involvment in the Top500

Pacific Teck has multiple references in the Top500, including AIST – ABCI, Tokyo Institute of Technology – TSUBAME3.0, and RIKEN – AIP. Univa Grid Engine was selected by all of these institutes. ABCI and TSUBAME3.0 utilize Univa Grid Engine together with BeeOND as a high-speed scratch filesystem initiated by the job scheduler. For containers, TSUBAME3.0 uses specail features of Univa Grid Engine to allow for MPI jobs on Docker Containers, while ABCI uses Singularity with built-in MPI capabilities.

We are pround of supporting Top500 class sites. As our business grows we are finding that we are providing multiple types of technology, such as job managment, storage and container suppport to some of the largest supercomputers in the world.