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[Report] NVMe Seminar in Tokyo, Japan on July 29, 2019

NVMe Seminar

On July 29, 2019 Pacific Teck hosted an NVMe Seminar in Tokyo, Japan for an audience of approximately 100 people in the industry. We had Sven Breuner from Excelero CTO present the NVMesh: Protected and Virtualized Software-defined storage for NVMe.

It was an excellent opportunity for key end users , SIs and vendors to gain information about the benefits of using NVMe.

Intel, Supermicro, MiTAC and Western Digital spoke and sponsored the event. AIST presented benchmarks of their usage of NVMe with BeeGFS. Mellanox, Ahum, IBM and Macnica also presented at the event.

We are planning to make this a first event in a series of events that we plan to have showing the benefits of using NVMe.


You can see the slides for that day:

Pacific Teck NVMe / Pacific Teck

Zero Touch RoCE で実現する 簡単 NVMe over Fabric 環境 / Mellanox

NVMe向け高速パラレルファイルシステムBeeGFSのご紹介 / Pacific Teck

AI向けクラウド型計算システム「ABCI」におけるNVMeの活用とその性能 / AIST

NVMesh: Protected and virtualized software-defined storage for NVMe / Excelero

IBM Spectrum ScaleとNVMeソリューション / IBM

インテルが実現するデーターセンターソリューション / Intel

Excelero + BeeGFS デモ解説 / Macnica


NVMe Seminar

NVMe Seminar

NVMe Seminar

NVMe Seminar

NVMe Seminar

NVMe Seminar



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