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Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Low-cost S3-compatible cloud storage service

Wasabi is simple fee structure

No charge for egress No API charges

Prices are determined by contracted capacity. No data transfer fees are required and no additional fees are incurred during operation.

Absolute confidence in performance

High speed uploads and downloads, proprietary architecture for fast upload/download of data.

Safety and Security

11 x 9 data durability and highly scalable to protect data.

Wasabi is an Amazon S3 compatible, highly secure, durable, fast read/write, and affordable cloud object storage. (Take out: with no data transfer fees.)

Wasabi does not charge for data transfer (downstream/upstream) or API usage. Other services typically charge by the amount of data transferred or API usage, making it difficult to predict the total cost required and to meet a set budget. In contrast, Wasabi’s reserved-capacity storage model is based on a flat rate that is determined by the amount of data used, making it possible to operate within a pre-determined budget.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is a cloud service that is not only affordable, but also offers high performance, quality, and security. As a major cloud storage service, its use is increasing significantly worldwide.

Low priceFraction of the cost of other services
CompatibilityAPI fully compatible with Amazon S3
UnitCapacity * years (e.g., 50TB for 3 years, 1PB for 1 year, paid in advance)
Initial costNo sign-up fee
Forwarding costsNo data transfer fees and API usage fees
Storage locationJapan, Singapore, Sydney, and 9 additional data centres worldwide
SafetyProtection against ransomware
Product successMore than 50,000 companies (as of January 2023)

Product Features

Fully compatible with Amazon S3, with easy data migration.

Wasabi supports an API that is fully compatible with Amazon S3, allowing existing projects to be migrated directly to Wasabi.

Low price

Pricing is fixed per year per 25TB, 50TB, 75TB, … per capacity up to 10PB increments. There are no data transfer fees or API usage fees as with other services. Regardless of transfer or API usage, you can use up to the capacity you purchased at a fixed price. There is no initial cost. Wasabi’s price is a fraction of the cost of other services.

Reliable data centre in Japan

Japan data centres are located in Tokyo and Osaka, allowing data to be stored only in Japan. Data centers outside of Japan, such as in the U.S., Singapore, Europe, and Australia, can also be used.

Free replication

Replication of buckets between Tokyo and Osaka is free of charge. (Data capacity will increase.) No transfer fee is charged for periodic synchronization as a DR measure in case of disaster. *Please inquire about transfer fees to other countries

Dedicated management tools to check utilization

Capacity utilization and other information can be checked using the Wasabi Account Manager (WACM), an account management GUI tool, and a dedicated API.

WACM screen image

More than 50,000 customers

As of January 2023, 50,000 companies are happily using Wasabi.

Reliable Japanese-language support

Licenses sold by Pacific Teck include support in English, Japanese, Chinese and French.

Pacific Teck is an authorized Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage reseller.

2023 Wasabi Sales Certification

Full range of supported backup software

Excellent target for backup software, such as Commvault, Veeam, Cloudian, etc.

Compatible Backup Software List

Arcserve logo
Novobackup logo

Rubik logo

Cloudflare logo
Vast logo

Cohesity logo
Veeam logo
Commvault logo
Acronis logo

Cloudian logo

Certified Hardware List

VAST hardware
Dell EMC Data Domain
Data Domain

Wasabi Fee Structure

Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS)Amazon S3 *1Google Cloud Storage *1
Fee structureFixed price based on reserved capacity (25TB, 50TB, 75TB …)Charged according to capacity, data transfer, and API usage.Charged according to capacity, data transfer, and API usage.
Data Download Cost (egress)free0.114USD/GB
(first 10TB)
(at 1-10TB)
Data upload fee (ingress)freefreefree
Tokyo-Osaka Transfer Feefree0.09USD/GB0.01USD/GB
Cost of using the APIfreeFees are required depending on the number of times the API is used.Fees are required depending on the number of times the API is used.
Cost projectionseasyDifficult due to the need to fully check and calculate the processing details.Difficult due to the need to fully check and calculate the processing details.
*1Information is current as of June 2023. Prices are reference prices for use in Japan. Please check each service for the latest information.

Product Features

Reserved capacity storage

  • Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS, Reserved Capacity Storage) allows users to purchase unlimited storage capacity in advance, starting at 25TB for a period of 1 to 5 years. The capacity is the same for each region, so a 50TB purchase can be split between Tokyo (30TB), Osaka (10TB), and North America (10TB).
  • Wasabi is SOC-2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS certified, providing a secure, redundant, and reliable service.
  • You can specify the region where your data is stored.  For example, in Japan you can specify Tokyo or Osaka.
  • Downloads (egress) are free of charge to the extent that they are considered reasonable usage. For example, monthly egress is considered reasonable if it is less than or equal to the active storage volume. Please refer to Wasabi’s Free Egress Policy for more details.
  • Files under 4KB are considered to be using 4KB of space.
  • The minimum retention policy is 30 days.

S3 Compatible API

Full support for AWS S3 and IAM APIs, allowing you to use AWS S3 applications without any modifications.

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

Free inter-region transfers (bucket transfers) within the same continent.  So for example, a user could transfer a bucket from Singpore to Tokyo free of charge. There is no limit to the number of transfers. In addition, data can be transferred from other cloud services. (data transfer fees from other services may be charged).

Ransomware Countermeasures

Wasabi’s immutable feature, which makes data unalterable, protects data by preventing deletion or encryption. Data can also be protected by backing up to another location via Wasabi Cloud Sync.

Wasabi Object Lock

Object lock Protects against user mistakes, ransomware and malware. Users designate certain files or objects to be immutable. After which, they cannot be modified or deleted by anyone until the retention period has expired.

Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM)

A GUI tool is provided for account management. You can check active and deleted storage, identify API requests, check egress, and keep track of the number of stored and deleted objects.

WACM Connect API

The API can be used to retrieve information such as storage usage, capacity that does not meet the minimum retention policy, storage read/write volume, ingress/egress, etc.

Wasabi Direct Connect (optional feature)

Where available, you can connect to Wasabi with a 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s high-speed private line from an affiliated telecommunications service. There is an additional cost to use this service. Please contact us for the further information.

Other basic features

Provides functionality equivalent to key S3 functions, such as versioning enable/disable.

Use Cases

As a basic archive

As a basic archive

Wasabi hot cloud storage is simple to use in the same way for both active and long-term archives. This is because Wasabi has a single storage tier, all hot storage. It is less expensive than other services and is priced by capacity only, so you don’t have to worry about storage tiers. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is a friendly service for both users and administrators.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Backup data needs to be stored in another secure location in case of recovery, and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage offers 99.999999999% persistence, free invariant functionality, and multi-region storage with free transfers within a region. There are No charge for egress, No API charges, so unlike other services, there are no costly penalties for recovery.

Content Distribution

Content Distribution

Content delivery service providers require instant and fast performance, but they also need to ensure robust storage of original data and quick recovery of original data in the event of corruption. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is the best choice for content data servers, offering fast performance at a fraction of the cost of other services. Optional features of 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s high-speed private line from a partner telecommunication service are also available.

AI, machine learning

AI, machine learning

Machine learning uses large amounts of data, but storing it can be a challenge. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is ideal for aggregating and storing this data, with no API fees, no restrictions on storage hierarchy, and a lower price than other services, making it simple to design, collect, and utilize the data.



Wind power generation is maximized by analyzing the vast amount of data collected from turbines and combining it with the weather forecast data to derive the optimal angle of the turbine blades for maximum efficiency. Information from IoT devices can be stored and processed by AI and machine learning to develop effective products. The best way to store this data in a cost-effective manner is with Wasabi, which is available at a lower cost than other services.

Medical Science

Medical Science

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage makes patient data readily available for retrieval at any time. Data is stored in a secure, encrypted environment, at a fraction of the cost of competitive services. All data is encrypted and the price is lower than other services.

Crime prevention and security services

Crime prevention and security services

In recent years, in addition to fixed cameras, police officers and others are increasingly equipped with body cameras, but the biggest challenge is the storage of video data: video data per camera must be stored for a mandated period of time, from many cameras for evidence, or for facial recognition from a large bank of data for identifying the perpetrator. Data must be stored intensively for a long period of time, and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is several percent less expensive than other services, and being a single-tier platform, data can be accessed more quickly than other services, whenever it is needed for analysis.

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