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SingularityPRO Containerization

What is SingularityPRO?

Singularity is a widely-adopted open source container platform that implements a unique security model to mitigate privilege escalation risks, and provides a format to capture a complete application environment into a single file. Sylabs provides licensing for SingularityPRO, enterprise level support, professional services, cloud functionality, and value-added plugins for Singularity container platform.

Built on the Singularity Community code base, SingularityPRO includes enterprise-grade features to deliver a strong, highly secure container platform:

  • Commitment to long-term support for releases of Singularity
  • Security patches and bug-fixes will be back ported into new releases of SingularityPRO
  • Early releases of security patches delivered to SingularityPRO customers before they are released to the open source community
  • Stability by providing long-term support, along with bug and security fixes
  • Customized service/support options so users can choose the tiered service/support option that best meets their needs

Why use SingularityPRO?

Singularity is a container platform that is highly optimized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC).  Compared to other container solutions, it allows better leveraging of GPUs, easier use of MPI, secure non-root user access, and coordination with schedulers and file systems.  SingularityPRO users enjoy stable supported versions, remote build service, key management system, and enterprise level technical support.

Singularity Community vs SingularityPRO

Initially available as an open source container platform for high-performance computing (HPC) environments, Singularity Community is now offered in a PRO version designed to support HPC and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC) workloads, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning(ML), deep learning (DL), IoT, and predictive analytics.

FeatureSingularity CommunitySingularityPRO
Supports Traditional HPC Resources
Resource Manager Agonstic
SIF: Singularity File Container Format
Cryptographically Signed and Verifiable SIF
Compatible with OCI Images
No Persistent Daemon Processes
Support for Non-root Users Running Containers as Themselves
Blocks Privilege Escalation within a Container
BOYE: Bring Your Own Environment Usage Model
Support for AI/HPC Workflows and Architectures
Support GPUs Natively
Self-Service Support Model(Open Source)
Code CurationX
Streamlined Security UpdatesX
Preferred Security UpdatesX
Signed Singularity RPM/DEB PackagesX
Access to Sylabs Cloud KeyStoreFreemiumPremium
Access to Sylabs Cloud Container LibraryFreemiumPremium
Access to Sylabs Cloud Remote Build ServicesFreemiumPremium
Enterprise SupportX
Enterprise IntegrationX

Create Secure SIF Images Without Privilege Escalation

A Remote Build Service will enable users to create container images without requiring root or escalated permissions. Resulting SIF containers are stored in Sylabs’ container Library, to provide access to collections of applications and data sets. Also included is a centralized Authentication and Key Management Services interface to manage access privileges to the Sylabs’ services portfolio.

Maximize Container Security

Singularity has the best security for containers available.

Features include:

  • Trusted containers: immutable and cryptographically signed runtimes
  • No root owned daemon process: still supports non-root users
  • Trusted user model: blocks escalation so users can not increase privilege
  • Monitoring: system calls of contained processes are monitored and managed
  • Events: machine learning algorithm monitoring for “out of norm” security incidents
  • Auditing: Library and Build services will provide auditing and scanning for local security team

Early access to security fixes for SingularityPRO users.

Maximize Collaboration

Customers have input on long-term feature development for the product.  They can request features that an open source version may not have. In addition, with Singularity 3.0 plugin features, this is an ideal place to have Sylabs to develop custom functionality for your needs. Additional functionality may also include support for specialized hardware devices.

Use Case

Scientific Computing

Singularity is the open source container runtime of choice for HPC (and EPC).  It has over a million container runs per day, estimated user base of more than 25k, and installed on over 3 million x86 cores.  Built especially with this segment in mind, it has wide adoption in labs all over the world.

Machine Learning

Maximizing use of GPUs is critical in machine learning.  Unlike other container platforms, Singularity can leverage GPUs on the host system with zero configuration keeping containers simple and portable.  Just pass the –nv option at runtime.

Enterprise Level Support

Pacific Teck provides local support with a back to back contract with the development team at Sylabs.  Sylabs sponsors and productizes Singularity, and are uniquely qualified to provide the top tier of support.  Sylabs has also hired key members of the Singularity community.

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