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Green Revolution Cooling by GRC


What is Green Revolution Cooling?

Green Revolution Cooling is the industry leader in liquid immersion cooling technology. Servers are submerged into patented racks filled with heat extracting liquid called ElectroSafe. The ElectroSafe coolant is circulated to a warm water heat exchanger connected to a cooling tower. No water chillers or air conditioners of any kind are needed. Servers do not need fans due to this alternative cooling method, so they are removed.


How Does Liquid Cooling Work?

How do GRC’s liquid immersion cooling solutions slash data center opex and capex, multiply cooling capacity and simplify scaling? Our system does away with specialized building design and traditional data center fixtures like chillers, CRACs, CRAHs and raised floors.

OEM servers are immersed in a cooling rack filled with a proprietary, nontoxic, non-conductive coolant called ElectroSafe™, which provides 1200X the heat capacity of air. Heat from the servers is absorbed by the coolant and quickly removed from the rack. The result is a supremely energy-efficient data center cooling system with a cooling capacity up to 100 kW/rack.


Why use Green Revolution Cooling?


Cut data center construction costs by up to 60%. Eliminate costly air cooling system including chillers, CRACs, CRAHs and raised floors. Downsize power and backup infrastructure proportional to peak power savings.

Future Proof

Cool the most powerful servers — up to 100 kW/rack —and capitalize on emerging advanced processing applications.


Minimize the pains of capacity planning and inaccurate forecasts. Each rack is a fully-integrated micro data center allowing you to build as you go and grow your operation.


Eliminate fan vibrations, dust and moisture contamination, oxidation risks, and remove data center hot spots.

Fast & Flexible

GRC liquid immersion cooling solutions can be located in virtually any environment—and be up and running within weeks, not months.

Power Efficient

Experience a <1.05 PUE, a 10-20% server load reduction plus a total peak and average power reduction of ~50%. Cut your energy cost and maximize your performance-to-energy ratio.



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