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Arm Allinea Studio

What is Arm Allinea Studio?

Arm Allinea Studio is a complete suite of high performance tools for developing Arm-based server and HPC applications. It includes Arm Forge, Arm C/C++ Compiler, Arm Fortran Compiler, Arm Performance Libraries, and Arm Performance Reports — all designed to get your application running at optimal performance on Armv8-A.

Arm Allinea Studio includes:

1. Arm C/C++ Compiler

Linux user-space compiler, tailored for HPC and scientific codes, with support for latest C, C++ and OpenMP standards and tuned for leading server-class Arm-based platforms.

2. Arm Fortran Compiler

Built on the PGI open source Flang front-end and the LLVM based optimization and code generation back-end. It has wide Fortran application coverage and generates optimal code on 64-bit Armv8-A based platforms.

3. Arm Performance Libraries

Optimized standard core math libraries for high-performance computing applications on Arm processors.

4. Arm Forge

Arm Forge combines an industry-leading debugger, Arm DDT, and an out-of-the-box-ready profiler, Arm MAP.

5. Arm Performance Reports

A low-overhead tool that produces one-page text and HTML reports summarizing and characterizing both scalar and MPI application performance.

Features and Benefits

A Complete Toolsuite:

Arm Forge combines Arm DDT, the No. 1 parallel debugger, with Arm MAP, the powerful low-overhead profiler, to simplify the task of debugging, profiling and optimizing applications running on the Armv8-A architecture.

C/C++ Compiler Tuned to HPC:

Compatible with Arm Forge and Arm Performance Libraries, Arm C/C++ Compiler is LLVM based, includes support for the C++ 14 standard to improve the speed of server and HPC workloads on a wide range of Arm-based platforms.

High-Performance Fortran Compiler:

Built on top of LLVM and Flang, supporting the latest Fortran standards, Arm Fortran Compiler is a commercial compiler designed to get the best performance on any 64-bit Arm hardware used for scientific computing and high performance applications.