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Intel Omni-Path Launch

Intel Omni-Path Launch


Intel had launched their new interconnect product, but did not yet have enough local resources in order to promote and provide local support for their new Omni-Path product line.

Pacific Teck’s Role

Intel selected Pacific Teck as a partner to drive this new product in the Japanese market because of our sales and engineering experience in interconnects as well as our deep understanding and connections in the local market. We developed marketing materials in the local language, represented Intel at trade shows, spoke at industry events on Intel’s behalf, influenced adoption by SIs and end users, and local provided technical support.


Intel Omni-Path gained rapid growth in Japan and was selected by 2 of the largest HPC clusters – University of Tokyo JCAHPC and Tokyo Institute of Technology TSUBAME3.0. Awareness for the product also increased and smaller clusters began adopting OPA as well.

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