Univa Grid Engine®

Univa Grid Engine

Univa Grid Engine is the flagship product from Univa Corporation and is often called a “workload manager” or “job scheduler.” These types of software products facilitate “cluster computing,” which means to use multiple computers (servers) at the same time to process information.

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SingularityPRO by


Singularity was designed for scientists’ need for a simple secure and mobile container platform. A unique design allowed Singularity to not only go beyond these expectations, but also become extremely useful in fields outside of High Performance Computing.

Now Singularity is being deployed all over the world, running everything from traditional HPC workloads to AI, machine / deep learning as well as Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC).

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Pacific Teck offers three parallel file system storage software products:


BeeGFS by ThinkParQ


BeeGFS transparently spreads user data across multiple servers. By increasing the number of servers and disks in the system, you can simply scale performance and capacity of the file system to the level that you need, seamlessly from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes.

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BeeOND by ThinkParQ


BeeOND stands for BeeGFS on Demand and is a complementary product to BeeGFS but can be used with other file systems as well. It is typically used to aggregate the performance and capacity of internal SSDs, NVMe or hard disks in compute nodes for the duration of a compute job. This provides additional performance and a very elegant way of burst buffering. The way it works is to create one or multiple instances of BeeGFS on these compute nodes that can be created and destroyed “on-demand.”

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NVMesh 2 by Excelero

NVMesh 2

NVMesh was inspired by how Tech Giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google have redefined infrastructures for web-scale applications, leveraging standard servers and shared-nothing architectures to ensure maximum operational efficiency and flexibility. NVMesh is the lowest latency distributed block storage for shared NVMe on the market. It’s a 100% software-defined solution that supports any hardware. Being pure block storage, NVMesh runs any local or distributed file system.

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Lustre by Whamcloud


Lustre is a type of a parallel distributed file system used for large-scale cluster computing. Parallel file systems allow for processing of large files by multiple nodes at once.

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Pacific Teck Supports Two Development Tools:

arm Forge by arm

arm Forge

Build reliable and optimized code for the right results on multiple Server and HPC architectures, from the latest compilers and C++ 11 standards to Intel, 64-bit Arm, AMD, OpenPOWER and Nvidia GPU hardware. Arm Forge combinesArm DDT, the leading debugger for time-saving high performance application debugging and Arm MAP, the trusted performance profiler for invaluable optimization advice.

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arm Allinea Studio by arm

arm Allinea Studio

Arm Allinea Studio is a complete suite of high performance tools for developing Arm-based server and HPC applications. It includes Arm Forge, Arm C/C++ Compiler, Arm Fortran Compiler, Arm Performance Libraries and Arm Performance Reports — all designed to get your application running at optimal performance on Armv8-A.

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InfiniBand by Mellanox


Pacific Teck staff has been working with InfiniBand technology for over a decade since the introduction of SDR and DDR. If there is anything related to InfiniBand that we can be of assistance with please feel free to ask us.

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